Ever Find Yourself in a Place Where NOTHING Makes Sense? (Part 2)

Quick.  Multiple choice question: It’s not supposed to make sense. I don’t know what they are talking about. Maybe I am in the wrong place. Face it, sometimes, the information simply isn’t for you.  That doesn’t make it bad, irrelevant, or wrong.  Furthermore, it does not diminish your value.  We are all cut from a […]

Be Honest with How Much You Know (especially when others don’t) – Part 1

Have you ever been in a meeting or seminar when the person talking simply makes no sense?  That’s not to say the lecture is bad, the presentation might be completely engaging, but it just doesn’t seem to mean anything to you. It happens to me all the time.  People are talking, usually speaking English, and […]

The Value of Changing Your Context?

There is something that happens in the US that we take completely for granted, Long Haul Trucking.  The economy is built around it.  And there is a belief system about “truckers” that follows. Days on the road away from family. In Ireland, when the entire country is 6 hours tip to tip, there is probably […]

Making Things Happen

If you check behind every door, you will always be able to find some reason that you should not pass through.  Sometimes you just have to kick in doors and move forward.  Sometimes you will upset someone…it will happen.  But fear of irking someone is not sufficient reason for timidity or passivity. Making a mistake […]

World Reader

My wife has long dreamed of having a large world map hung on a wall in our home.  To this large expanse, she would drop different colored pins for each of the places we visit, places we read about, places we have friends and family, and so on.  One day, she asked if I could […]

Who Does Anger Really Punish?

After reading the post, Living with Integrity, a friend asked me to share my thoughts on the following: My mother (a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan) did not watch any Steelers games this season. Pittsburgh hired Michael Vick a convicted animal abuser. She is very upset he is there but stuck to what she said. Not […]

Lodged Driftwood

Driftwood and other Flotsam talked about forgiveness and how, like pieces of driftwood, our hurts may need to be thrown back out into the surf many times before they finally go away.  The day after posting that article, I was walking around Lough Derg (in Dromineer, Ireland) and came across this. This is a piece of driftwood that has […]

Driftwood and other Flotsam

Driftwood is interesting.  It  washes up on shore and just bakes under the sun.  You can throw it back into the ocean, allow it to toss around in the surf, and watch it wash right back up on the beach. Then, you throw it in again.  And the process repeats…until it doesn’t.  That is, eventually, the driftwood will […]

The ‘I have to’ Lie

You’ve been there.  So have I.  You find yourself in the familiar situation of not “being able” to do something because you “have to” do something else. It’s the perfect reason…or escape…or excuse.  Not only do you avoid hurting anyone’s feelings by eliminating any illusion that you have a choice in the matter, you are […]

Learning Confidence from my Daughter

Saturday morning I found myself home with two kids feeling under the weather.  My wife and eldest daughter were out for the morning and, while ‘the littles’ slept, I was catching up on some work. Shortly after starting on a small project, my smart, creative, middle child (and second daughter) came and snuggled into bed […]

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