Remembering Today’s Irony

One of my older posts, Today’s Irony, deserves a follow-up. In that post, I discussed a charity (well-ranked on Charity Navigator) that seems to be using urgent appeals to emotion to get donations instead of developing a solid donor base.  What’s more, one of their phone center solicitors expressed her frustration with this tactic.  So, […]

Revealing My Secret Identity

[This is my manifesto.  My exposure.  These are the things that I think about and, as a result, things I write about.  If any of this resounds with you, I hope you’ll come along with me for the ride.] By day, I am a super hero.  I quickly shrink files with the click of my […]

The Pull

I hate The Pull.  You know The Pull.  The Pull is that weight tied to your ankle.  It’s the fog that prevents you from thinking clearly.  It’s that slow-motion feeling you have when running in your dream. The Pull adds drag.  It slows you down. The Pull is the friction that works against your momentum. […]

Domains of Trust

“Yes, I trust you, but, no, you cannot operate on me.” “Are you sure?  I am an excellent chef.” Trust has its limits.  Sometimes obvious.  Sometimes not.  It would be absurd to allow your chef (if, in fact, that is their only training) to perform surgery on you.  They might be able to do amazing […]

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