Privilege and Responsibility

A lot has been written about entitlement in the last handful of years.  Politically, we talk about all of the things we deserve and that the government should just provide.  Professionally, we talk about how our companies owe us a raise or more benefits or how we should be making six figures straight out of […]

Living with Integrity

Integrity is ultimately derived from the Latin word integer meaning “whole.”  In math class, we learn that an integer is a whole number, a number without any fractions or decimals.  When we choose to live with integrity, we are whole – we are not fragmented and there are not other pieces laying around.  All of […]

Appreciate the Small Wins

We are all wowed by the big efforts.  When someone shows up and just dazzles us day in and day out.  It seems effortless for them to totally crush it every single day.  They show up on fire, make a dozen sales, write a thousand lines of code, still have time to meet their family […]

The Difference Between Tinkering and Success?

Have you ever invested your heart and soul into a project only to find out that nobody wanted it? Me too. Did you ever do it again with the same result? Yeah, I’ve done that too. In some cases, you didn’t spend the time to get the word out.  You didn’t do proper “marketing.”  In […]

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