Just Another Door in the Wall (Part 3)

Time Clouds the Mind Since they say confession is good for the soul, I have one to share.  I am not a carpenter.  It has been a while, so I might have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  The wall build out is really not terribly exciting.  In fact, detailed pictures of it are pretty […]

Control Panel for the Science Function Door

Insider’s Look of the Science Fiction Portal

Ed Catmull, the first CEO of Pixar, is a fascinating thinker with some incredible ideas about running a creative team.  In one presentation, he was discussing why everyone loved the movie Toy Story.  It isn’t because it’s a single great idea, he said, Toy Story is a collection of great ideas.  Everyone brought their ideas […]

Photo of a Science Fiction themed pocket door

How to Construct a Portal to Another World

Introduction My grandparents owned a beautiful Victorian home with these heavy, oak pocket doors that separated the dining room from the sitting room.  As a child, these doors were quite scary.  They were very heavy, so it took a little bit of effort to get them moving — and, once rumbling down their tracks — […]

Win Your DCP (2006)

Take a little Guitar Hero, add a little Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, throw in some people you know, see if it will blend, and you get Win Your DCP.Surely you are thinking, “what is a DCP?”  If not, I am disappointed.  A DCP is a document change proposal.  When designing by committee, one must submit […]

Antagony (2002)

Several years ago, I was contemplating a career change.  I wanted to show that I could start a sophisticated project and see it through to the end…in my personal time.  So, I took on one of the most challenging things I could think to do.  I wrote a video game.  It is far from a […]

Countdown (2009)

In 2009, I had the privilege to travel to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit Fellowship Bible Church.  This is the home church of Robert Lewis, the man who created Men’s Fraternity.  They had a fantastic production which included a countdown display leading up to their Men’s Frat sessions.  I thought that was pretty cool, so […]

Pixie (2010)

As any good parent, I keep a couple of games on my BlackBerry to entertain my kids (and myself) in a pinch.  As it turns out, my daughter fell in love with this game called Pixelated (thanks Ebscer).  Unfortunately, this game does not exist on the PC…well…it didn’t.  So, as a present to my little […]

Traffic (2007)

Traffic is a slight variation on the match-three style game.  In fact, there really is no matching. When I started designing this game, I was really not planning on yet another Pipe Dream/Pipe Mania clone.  I had something else in mind.  Something that is now very elusive. In my mind’s eye, the original game had […]

Wild (2006)

Wild is a three-in-a-row style game.  Each time you click, you make a block “wild” and drop three new blocks from the top. I started working on Wild after one of my Snood kicks.  The goal was to create an easy to play game that you could play on two levels – you could just […]

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