Cruise Control

Fifteen years ago, I bought a new vehicle.  I didn’t splurge on all the options packages, but I bought something that I thought would serve me well for the years to come.  (I probably didn’t do too bad as that is still my main vehicle today.)  The truck was great.  I felt mighty on the […]

Getting More Done Part 3

The app development project was not moving in a direction that I was comfortable with.  This was a slightly complex project, and I didn’t want to commit nearly $300 to my first, outsourcing endeavor.  However, last week, I had three smaller jobs that I could easily outsource and manage.  And, as small as they were, […]

Fiverr – Getting More Done Part 2

For our honeymoon, my wife and I traveled to Mexico.  While we were there, we got to visit some of the phenomenal Mayan ruins, outside of which, are locals selling their products.  At one such place, a local man came up to us with a hand-carved piece of wood.  I wasn’t really shopping, but it […]

How many books have you written? It’s ok. Embrace YOUR voice.

I am deeply impressed by the number of books a friend has published.  Actually, this guy is incredible.  He pumps out at least one book per year and is having a blast doing it.  Not only do I admire him, but I admire the impact he’s having and the platform that these books give him! […]

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