It’s ALL an Experiment

Seth Godin talks about breaking things.  No, I don’t mean physical things – Seth doesn’t strike me as a guy who goes around destroying stuff.  He’s talking about systems, processes, ideas, status quos, and other ideas that need to be broken.  There is no need for sacred cows.  Sacred cows maintain the status quo.  If […]

I <3 Notepad++

Throughout my career, I have run many developers who are die-hard fans of one application or another. When I first started, I became an emacs fanatic!  I mean, as my power user skills increased, there were so many amazing tricks I could make the software do!  So, as I learned it better, it became a […]

Casting Call – Now Auditioning…Programmers???

Auditioning.  Isn’t that reserved for performance-oriented jobs?  For people who sing, dance, and act!?  Then again, I suppose I have been in meetings before when I’ve been expected to perform. Let me ask you this, is your job performance-based?  Are you expected to hit certain objectives and milestones!?  How are you evaluated (or…how do you […]

Getting More Done – Part 4

Before my last post on this topic even went live, the other two freelancers returned their work. Task #2 – Develop Box Shot and Cover Graphics For this task, I wanted a “virtual box” of our software application developed.  There is software that does this, but I didn’t want to buy something that I might […]

The Benefits (?) of being a Lemming…

What does your day look like?  What does it really look like?  Do you make many choices?  Do you make any choices? Growing up, I had friends that always ate the exact same thing for breakfast.  Really!?  Yuck!  After two weeks of eating virtually anything I don’t want it again for a YEAR (or more)!  […]

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