There is something that happens in the US that we take completely for granted, Long Haul Trucking.  The economy is built around it.  And there is a belief system about “truckers” that follows. Days on the road away from family.

In Ireland, when the entire country is 6 hours tip to tip, there is probably no need to be on the road for days at a time.  In one really long day, you can just about circumnavigate the country.  That industry looks entirely different here.  At home, we don’t give it a second thought.

But, until I spent some time out of my context, I could not have seen this.

There are so many things that occur outside of our context.  There are so many things that happen that we don’t understand.  Sometimes, these events seem trivial and we quickly dismiss them.  In other cases, we understand that there is something much deeper going on and we appreciate the sophistry.

How much do we miss each day because we don’t currently have the context (or perspective) to see things a different way?

Maybe we need to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.  Maybe longer.

Maybe they should take a walk in ours!?

Like trucking around Ireland, someone could have described it to me, but until I drove around that country and thought about it, it didn’t really take root.  It didn’t affect my thinking.

It has taken years, but I finally appreciate meetings.  No, I am not a fan of wasting time, but there is something magical that happens when we can get many different minds that think about different things many different ways to click…and work in completely alignment and synchronicity for a brief moment.

Share your context.  Try to appreciate another’s.