Getting More Done – Introduction

I want to get more done, but I haven’t found a way to create more time.  I have my own company with talented people on the team, but they are all busy doing their job.  They are too busy to help me realize my other ideas (and our R&D budget isn’t large enough yet). Throughout […]

Honesty…a novel approach

Tonight we were reading about George Mueller with the kids.  In the story, George had just shared his calling to start his first orphanage with his church and the book went on to describe the scene.  Many people had questions (generally polite ones) that they asked to his face.  But, there was another dialog that […]

For A Higher Quality Life – Step 1. Soak It In

Last week, I dropped my truck off for my mechanic to fix.  The check engine light was on and the engine was running rough.  The next day, he called.  He needed to run an errand and offered to bring my truck to me if I could drop take him back.  As he was getting out […]

Shining the Light Elsewhere

To the girl who decided to use my daughter as a punching bag today, As I watched my daughter cry, trying to make sense of your unwarranted bullying, my heart broke…for you.  You see, my daughter came home to a family who loves her and accepts her exactly as she is.  She doesn’t have to […]

“Research” Intimidation? An Exercise in Word Selection

When you hear someone talking about research, what do you think about? Does it bring to mind a laboratory with test tubes, beakers, Bunsen burners, and chemicals?  How about an academic, spending years reading books tucked away in the library stacks?  Or maybe a university professor, running experiments, writing papers, reporting results, and developing theories? […]

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