Driftwood is interesting.  It  washes up on shore and just bakes under the sun.  You can throw it back into the ocean, allow it to toss around in the surf, and watch it wash right back up on the beach.

Then, you throw it in again.  And the process repeats…until it doesn’t.  That is, eventually, the driftwood will get caught in a current, and you never see it again.

Forgiveness is a lot like this.

One morning, out of the blue, an old hurt will wash up on us.  We might get angry or sad or mad.  It can be enough to ruin our day.  We might even get frustrated with ourselves.

“I thought I had dealt with that!?”  You probably did, but now you get to deal with it once more.

So, like the driftwood, throw it back into the surf.  Let it go. Forgive once more.

It might come back again.  Let it go.

It might get caught in a small current and show up again, but a bit later.  Let it go.

Or, it might get drawn out to sea, never to be seen again.