Life Lessons from a Tray of Cookies???

My daughter bakes some great cookies.  She really does.  This year, she sent chocolate chip cookies into the office for the team and everyone thoroughly enjoyed them!  Of course, she hasn’t been baking very long…and tonight I came home to a batch that had been slightly over baked.  In this batch, some of the cookies […]

Adding your Bookmark (Favorite) Icon to your LeadPages Page

A couple of months ago, my company signed up for LeadPages to help with some web-based marketing initiatives.  This is a fantastic tool. If you are not familiar with LeadPages, think of it as a set of customizable webpages to help you build marketing funnels.  They provide a ton of templates that help you setup […]

There is no try…only do

Find an object on your desk. Now, try to move it. Thanks.  Did it move?  If so, you failed.  You moved it.  You didn’t just try to move it.  You actually moved it. Stop trying. Get out there and make something happen.  

Setting Goals (is hard)

When I was younger, goal-setting was easy.  I wanted to beat that video game.  I wanted to letter in that sport.  I wanted to date that girl.  I wanted to buy a car.  Graduate.  Go to college.  Graduate again.  Get a job.  Buy a nicer car.  Get married.  Buy a house.  Have kids. At some […]

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