Take a little Guitar Hero, add a little Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, throw in some people you know, see if it will blend, and you get Win Your DCP.Surely you are thinking, “what is a DCP?”  If not, I am disappointed.  A DCP is a document change proposal.  When designing by committee, one must submit a DCP in order to get a change applied.  

Game play is very similar to Guitar Hero.  Instead of using a super slick, fancy guitar, you use your keyboard – and you don’t need to strum anything.

The background graphic is intended to represent the venue of the meeting where the current argument occurred. 

We started a multi-player version of this.  Yes…we are some sick people.

Throw a couple of bored techies in a room full of professional meeting attendees and you are bound to have something interesting happen.  

So, this guy here, and some other guy without a web page, and I started this little project.   Our goal was to mimic some of the actual arguments that occurred at these meetings.  The core of the game is pretty well complete.  We just really need to do some finishing touches – add high scores, get everyone’s photos in there – oh, I almost forgot.  Power-ups.  

Yeah, each power-up models the techniques different folks use at the meetings.  Pulling entirely from memory, two of the candidate power-ups were:

  • Throw money at the problem (makes the game easier)
  • Drop an F-bomb (dramatically slows the speed of the argument)