Wild is a three-in-a-row style game.  Each time you click, you make a block “wild” and drop three new blocks from the top.

I started working on Wild after one of my Snood kicks.  The goal was to create an easy to play game that you could play on two levels – you could just casually click around or you could play for points.

Visually, I thought this game was really pretty.  But the game was not viscerally fun.  For most of the game, the play was trivial.  But finishing the game is hard.  With three new block on each move, it takes careful maneuvering and a lot of luck to get the right setup to place the final block and win.


Be careful, though.  Each move increases the penalty bar.  Creating a new block costs two moves.  If the penalty bar fills up, every block moves up one row and the active game board shrinks.

Clear all of the blocks and you win!

Get three of the same color in a row, you have a match.  Match five at once (Minor Reward), the penalty is waived for that turn.  Match twelve at once (Major Reward), the penalty bar is reset.