Should is NOT an Action Word

This week, I was absolutely blessed to have coffee with a good friend.  This is a seriously busy, high impact kind of guy and I am always so grateful to get a piece of his time.  He is definitely one of those guys look up to in my professional, family, and spiritual walks.  A couple […]

Forests and Trees and Agile Bunnies

I’ve been a Steve Martin fan for as long as I can remember, but have never made it a priority to see his play, Picasso at the Lapin Agile.  The setup of the play is, essentially, two guys walk into a bar, except that these two guys are Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso.  Although it’s […]

The Grass is always Greener?

It’s funny how you hear an expression and don’t give much thought to the literal meaning. I live in a relatively young neighborhood and when sales of new homes slumped, the builder started offering sod as one of the incentives.  We built before that was offered and our yard was planted on concrete, rock, and […]

A Bright Moment in the Dark Night

“Dad?” I looked up from my computer screen, and all I could see was the black of the room.  I knew where to look, but could not see the sweet little face behind it. “Yeah, buddy, what’s up?” “What are you doing up so late working?” That’s how my day started…or yesterday ended. As parents, […]

Setting the Pace

Last night, I finished the proposal.  We had initially agreed on a 10pm submit time, but I started the process early.  Most of the time, I can post multiple updates, so a last minute change is no big deal.  This time was different.  All submissions are final. As the “Submit Proposal” button stared back at […]

The Bad Side of Honesty is Still Good

A couple of years ago, I was doing some software development as a subcontractor and nothing was going right.  Sure, I was able to get most of the functionality working, but that last bit that was going to complete the project was proving incredibly difficult.  In short, nothing that I tried was working. I wrote […]

Why!? Because that’s who I want to be.

As the challenge was revealed this morning, I watched in a sort of transfixed horror.  Not this week.  It’s not because “I don’t feel like” or even because “I don’t want to.” It’s actually a bit more of “I shouldn’t.” Is that real?  Sure it is. Is it an absolute?  Probably not. I have a […]

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