This week, I was absolutely blessed to have coffee with a good friend.  This is a seriously busy, high impact kind of guy and I am always so grateful to get a piece of his time.  He is definitely one of those guys look up to in my professional, family, and spiritual walks.  A couple of years ago, both of our lives had a slightly slower pace, and we were able to get together more often.  Things really took off and it has been nearly two years since we had the chance to sit down and just talk.

You can imagine the rapid fire sort of conversation.  It was fantastic.  The small talk was brief – how are you, how is the family.  And then the ideas began to flow.  Ninety minutes was gone in a FLASH as it usually is when we get together.

Before we wrapped up, I shared a project with him that I have been contemplating for a couple of weeks (and had not shared, nor really intended to share, with anyone).  However, the idea of being held accountable made room for sharing with this guy.

Anyway, he pressed a little.  Had I gotten started?  Did I have a plan?

“No, I have not started.”

“Yes, my plan is to start next month.”

“I should develop a schedule.”

He stopped me.  “Should is your problem.”  Get started!  Do it!  Do it now!

I have already taken my first action.  I exposed my intent.  Now I am subject to the accountability of this man I really respect.

Before the end of the day, I did take my second step.  And I will get there.  One step at a time.

But I did build a schedule so I do get there.

Another good friend used to say, “don’t should on me.”  I guess that is a verb…but not really an action I want to be on the receiving end of.