Last night, I finished the proposal.  We had initially agreed on a 10pm submit time, but I started the process early.  Most of the time, I can post multiple updates, so a last minute change is no big deal.  This time was different.  All submissions are final.

As the “Submit Proposal” button stared back at me, I contemplated.  Do I give it another read through?  Do I wait for feedback from our teaming partner?  Do I get this monkey off my back?


This was not escaping: it was putting down the pen.  It was claiming completion…not perfection.  If this amount of work was not worthy of winning, agonizing over it for four more hours was not going to make the difference.

A funny thing happened last night.  There was a certain tension in my spirit.  It was actually difficult for me to relax.  I had the energy, the momentum, to do more.  To write.  To produce.

But I also had the wisdom to rest.  I know myself well enough to know that if I keep driving at that extreme pace, I will crash in a couple of days…weeks…months.  It’s different each time (as is the time to recover), but there is such thing as a sustainable pace.

I doubt that I have found that pace, but resting was a part of figuring that out.

Today, however, is another day.  Time to move!