As the challenge was revealed this morning, I watched in a sort of transfixed horror.  Not this week.  It’s not because “I don’t feel like” or even because “I don’t want to.”

It’s actually a bit more of “I shouldn’t.”

Is that real?  Sure it is.

Is it an absolute?  Probably not.

I have a big proposal due this week.  I have specific deadlines to meet for a customer.  I start teaching a new class this week.  I have a meeting tomorrow morning to help my company grow.  I have to hold another meeting to work out some grueling details of UML modeling for a conceptual data model.

And that’s just a fraction of my week.  I legitimately have a full plate.

However, would it be possible to ship something so I can participate?  Yes, that’s possible.

Is this a worthwhile activity?  Yes, I believe it is.

What advice would I give to my kids?  Don’t be afraid to try it.  If you can’t finish it, at least you dared to try.  If you didn’t try, you automatically fail.

This is about priorities.  Believing that trying is a worthwhile effort.  Believing that we should commit to creating something.  Believing that each of us has something to offer the world and that our responsibility is to dig deep, find our mission, and deliver it to everyone.

When you have worthwhile mission, digging a little deeper is easier.  It’s essential.

Sure, my plate is full, but there is always room for just a little more on top.