I was suckered…or at least…maybe I was.  Last year, I gave to a charity that appealed to me on an emotional level.  However, as more appeals arrived throughout the past year, it seemed as if they were appealing to the precise emotion that got me to respond in the first place.

The emotion was not guilt.  It was their pity and urgency and fear.  They had an enormous need and it had to be addressed right away.  Their humility and transparency was admirable…and it appealed to me.

The organization is legitimate (ranked well at Charity Navigator) and they have a wonderful ministry.  But I was not moved by subsequent appeals.  After a certain point, is it really an emergency or just poor leadership?  Certain cycles (like weather) can and should be planned for.

After I received a call from them today requesting another donation, I told the wonderful lady who called that I could not, in good conscience, give them another dime and that although I believe in their mission, did not think it was a wise stewardship.

You know what?  She agreed.  She told me how she had been doing this for 8 years and how it was dragging on her.  She asked me to contact donor relations so maybe something would change.

I didn’t want to write to them because I respect this ministry and what they are doing.  I didn’t want to discourage them in any way.  But today, I heard that they are already discouraged.  They need a change.

Now…here’s the kicker.  As I check in to read one of my favorite blogs tonight, the topic was about the topic of caring enough to give constructive feedback.  How ironic!?

So now, Mr. CEO, it’s in your hands.  What are you going to do?  Do you care as much as I did?  I certainly hope so.