Attention Fatigue

Surely you’ve been there. You have a complex problem to solve.  You’ve done the work.  You’ve already tried a several solutions.  None of them have moved the needle.  You vow to think about it for a day.  One day becomes forever.  It isn’t that you didn’t care about the problem, but a bigger problem imposed […]

Revealing My Secret Identity

[This is my manifesto.  My exposure.  These are the things that I think about and, as a result, things I write about.  If any of this resounds with you, I hope you’ll come along with me for the ride.] By day, I am a super hero.  I quickly shrink files with the click of my […]

On Rejection

Consider the black licorice jellybean.  When I put one in my mouth and start chewing, the vile flavor of anise fills my mouth and I clench my jaw, hoping that my teeth will be able to hold back the forces of my tongue as it seeks to eject the unwelcome intruder from my mouth. There […]

Naysayers Say Nay

What else would they say?  Are they encouraging?  No. But are they doing something better?  They might have better ideas and a thousand reasons why your idea is wrong or bad. But they aren’t living your life.  You are. When you create something, you say, “I did this.”  And you offer it to the world.  […]

Today’s Irony

I was suckered…or at least…maybe I was.  Last year, I gave to a charity that appealed to me on an emotional level.  However, as more appeals arrived throughout the past year, it seemed as if they were appealing to the precise emotion that got me to respond in the first place. The emotion was not […]

The Uncertainty

There is that point at which you don’t know if it’s going work. What matters is what you do at that point. Do you give up? Do you dig in? Do you panic? Do you thrive? What’s the worst that could happen!? Imagine the worst has happened…what would you have done to change that? Now…do […]

The Power of Face-to-Face

A couple of years ago, I was leading a huge project.  We had an immense amount of work to do and a very short period of time to accomplish it.  My little team was forging new ground and executing highly detailed procedures on massive amounts of data…and the process could not be automated. We scheduled […]

Mixed Feelings about Transformers

Time to be honest.  I hate Transformers.  No, not the movies.  I’m not even talking about the classic cartoon series.  I am talking about the toys. The Transformer toys of my youth weren’t too bad.  They could be changed from vehicle to robot and back in a few seconds.  Which wasn’t too bad when you […]

Death of a Legend

A couple of years ago, I had an in-flight meal that included a two-pack of Oreo cookies.  Not having a cup of milk (or coffee), I didn’t eat that delightful treat and dropped in my backpack.  Once I got home, it found its way onto my desk…where it sat…taunting me…for years. The truth is that […]

Simplicity may take Complex Thinking

My team is currently involved in a really complicated project.  Really complicated. By way of summary, we are building a multilevel representation of unmanned air vehicles that goes from very generic to very specific with each subsequent level of detail connected to the former.  This allows actual systems (very specific) to relate to other actual […]

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