Why Bother with Communication? (Part 3)

Many years ago, I was sitting in a meeting with two colleagues.  We were discussing something technical and the conversation got very heated and very loud. As I sat there and listened to both sides of the argument, I started laughing.  First, it was just to myself, but as the argument bloomed, so did my […]

Ever Find Yourself in a Place Where NOTHING Makes Sense? (Part 2)

Quick.  Multiple choice question: It’s not supposed to make sense. I don’t know what they are talking about. Maybe I am in the wrong place. Face it, sometimes, the information simply isn’t for you.  That doesn’t make it bad, irrelevant, or wrong.  Furthermore, it does not diminish your value.  We are all cut from a […]

Be Honest with How Much You Know (especially when others don’t) – Part 1

Have you ever been in a meeting or seminar when the person talking simply makes no sense?  That’s not to say the lecture is bad, the presentation might be completely engaging, but it just doesn’t seem to mean anything to you. It happens to me all the time.  People are talking, usually speaking English, and […]

Attending Meetings Better

Meetings.  Love them or hate them, they are a regular part of most of our careers, and as we have all experienced, some meetings are much better than others. We have all been in that meeting that goes on and on, meandering through all sorts of ideas without coming to any resolution, often creating more […]

SMART Goal Checkup

In Setting Goals (is hard), I set a personal goal to get one more customer for my business.  And, per our guidelines, this was a SMART goal. It was specific.  The customer had to be a new account worth $10,000 or more. It was measurable.  It’s pretty easy to tell if we’ve added that one […]

Privilege and Responsibility

A lot has been written about entitlement in the last handful of years.  Politically, we talk about all of the things we deserve and that the government should just provide.  Professionally, we talk about how our companies owe us a raise or more benefits or how we should be making six figures straight out of […]

Educating or Inspiring?

I failed. I reacted, or rather, I responded.  But I was far from proactive. As a leader, my job is to cast a vision.  This vision must be compelling.  It must be exciting.  It must paint such a wonderful picture, that any notion of maintaining the status quo would be crazy.  The future is the […]

On Laziness

I have a general disdain for laziness.  Unfortunately, that’s a rather general statement borne of mental…well…laziness.  I suppose I could have picked a better word.  On the other hand, this article isn’t exactly compulsory. Remember when you were a kid and would walk all over the house looking for your mom to ask her to […]

Revealing My Secret Identity

[This is my manifesto.  My exposure.  These are the things that I think about and, as a result, things I write about.  If any of this resounds with you, I hope you’ll come along with me for the ride.] By day, I am a super hero.  I quickly shrink files with the click of my […]

Today’s Irony

I was suckered…or at least…maybe I was.  Last year, I gave to a charity that appealed to me on an emotional level.  However, as more appeals arrived throughout the past year, it seemed as if they were appealing to the precise emotion that got me to respond in the first place. The emotion was not […]

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