Time to be honest.  I hate Transformers.  No, not the movies.  I’m not even talking about the classic cartoon series.  I am talking about the toys.

The Transformer toys of my youth weren’t too bad.  They could be changed from vehicle to robot and back in a few seconds.  Which wasn’t too bad when you were only playing with one or two, but more than that…

These toys were not action figures.  If anything, they were “break the action” figures.  You would be playing and then when suddenly it was time to “Transform and Roll Out.”  Five minutes later…

Anyway, my son LOVES Transformers.  The new ones even look really good.  They are really detailed and only take about 5 full minutes to transform.  But he doesn’t like the new ones.  He likes daddy’s old Transformers.

When he picks what we play, he picks Transformers with my old Transformers.  I never let him pick too many at once – I am trying to keep it fun, but that keeps it exciting for him.

I love my son.

And when it comes to him, I absolutely LOVE Transformers.