Learning Confidence from my Daughter

Saturday morning I found myself home with two kids feeling under the weather.  My wife and eldest daughter were out for the morning and, while ‘the littles’ slept, I was catching up on some work. Shortly after starting on a small project, my smart, creative, middle child (and second daughter) came and snuggled into bed […]

Privilege and Responsibility

A lot has been written about entitlement in the last handful of years.  Politically, we talk about all of the things we deserve and that the government should just provide.  Professionally, we talk about how our companies owe us a raise or more benefits or how we should be making six figures straight out of […]

Mixed Feelings about Transformers

Time to be honest.  I hate Transformers.  No, not the movies.  I’m not even talking about the classic cartoon series.  I am talking about the toys. The Transformer toys of my youth weren’t too bad.  They could be changed from vehicle to robot and back in a few seconds.  Which wasn’t too bad when you […]

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