I hate The Pull.  You know The Pull.  The Pull is that weight tied to your ankle.  It’s the fog that prevents you from thinking clearly.  It’s that slow-motion feeling you have when running in your dream.

The Pull adds drag.  It slows you down.

The Pull is the friction that works against your momentum.  It takes a long time to get your wheel spinning, but once you do, it is far easier to keep it going than to let it stop and start it all over again.

When your flywheel is spinning, when you already have some momentum, the only thing you have to break free from is The Pull (which is far better from having to emerge from The Stop).

Unfortunately, The Pull is not really satisfied with simply slowing you down.  The Pull actively works against you.  As its name implies, it tries to pull you down.  It will pull you under.

How do we resist The Pull?

Add to your momentum.  Put more energy into your system.  Do something positive.