Six years ago, blogging was still pretty new.  Relatively new, I guess.  Looking back, it seems like I was pretty angry.  I think that’s why I stopped writing.  I didn’t enjoy being negative.  Then why be negative?

Most of the blogs I had been reading were “rants.”  Hence the former title of “Insane Rants.”  Rants were chic.  Besides, I didn’t have to be authentic, I just had to have the right thing to whine (or complain) about, and type.

And then there’s interest.  Who would have any interest in what I have to say?  Of course, I still figure that’s the case.  Then again, I setup a website and some people have read that.  Let’s see what happens!

So, not wanting to drop the “insanity” from the site, I have retitled the blog “Trappings of Insanity.”  It might be a softer side of me, but it’s still me.

Oh, and by the way, the war is still going on.