Last night, I updated my (first) blog.  It was my third post.  I started the blog in 2002.

When I first started it, blogging was still (relatively) new.  So, being a young guy with extra time, I started a blog.  Then begins the paradox.  I never once considered, “hey, what novel way can I use this?”  Not once.  And not that I thought anyone was interested in what I had to say (much like here), I just put up any drivel that came to mind.  Twice.

But hey, nearly six years later and the blog still exists.  I wonder, how people are immortalized by their impression on the web.  So this kind of changes my perspective on what I want on my website.  You know?  If this were to last after my death, what would I want it to say?

Wow…this post did not go the direction I had originally planned.