Killing overpowered dictators.

I was listening to NPR a couple of weeks ago.  Prez Bush had just spoken with the leaders of Russia (Putin), France (Jacques Chirac), Canada, and China (I believe these are the leaders that comprise the UN Security Council). I forget the deal with Canada, but the other three had quite interesting reasons for not wanting the US to go to war with Iraq.

They still think the inspectors will work. Enough said.

We all know that China is just waiting to someone to move on Taiwan. In fact, that is their reasoning. They are afraid that, by attacking a sovereign nation such as Iraq, it will set a precedent for any other nation to liberate Taiwan.

I had to save the best for last. This is good. See, Iraq owes Russia something like $6 billion. They are afraid that Iraq will be absolved of its debt to Russia should they agree to a war. See, whoever said it wasn’t about money!?

So that leaves the good ole USA alone to fight the world’s battles. Maybe I am nuts, but I am getting sick of the UN leaving our country to do all the work. Granted, the US should not make all of the decisions for how the entire world operates, but enough countries are concerned about Iraq, and the UN seems to be doing frightening little. Go back to the Gulf war. Same thing. The US stepped in to fight, to take care of the citizens of Kuwait only to receive harsh criticism about its treatment of human rights issues. Another point about the Gulf War, some of our so-called NATO Allies seemed to just sit on the sidelines until we had the game won, and then they, the third string, came out, made a few plays, and claimed victory. Unlike the third-string of a football team, they were hardly cheering us on from the sidelines.

Of course, my perceptions are likely to be wrong. I don’t remember a lot of the facts behind the events of what I speak. I only remember how I felt about certain things that I heard on the news…. And don’t get me started on the news…..