There is something just plain awesome about creating something from nothing.  It breathes life into our souls.

Many people think of developing software as a mundane activity, reserved for geeks with little social skills.  Although my social skills could use some refining, there is something really cool about creating something from nothing but an idea.  Sure, you need some tools, but the result comes from a creative dance of logic and ideas.

Of course, it is something else altogether to create something useful and functional from a pile of sticks.  It is a perfect complement to software development because in the end, there is a real, tangible product.

In high school, I thought the people who enjoyed writing were masochists.  Writing was hard for me.  Well, writing something decent was hard.  I could write anything, maybe that’s why my English papers didn’t stack up.  Besides, I didn’t see the point in doing yet another book report on some tired old story.  It turns out, my writing improved a lot when I started proofreading.  Yeah, it seems obvious now, but back then, it was more tortuous to read what I wrote than actually writing.  I guess that is some insight as to how my teachers must have felt.  Anyway, writing is now my Everest.  It’s the tall mountain that I must climb – because it’s there.  That, and I think it would be a super cool thing to accomplish writing a real book.

I started writing a book, a sort of spy-tech story.  Unfortunately, I have somewhat stalled in this effort; I felt like I am telling someone else’s story.  Most of my stories, at this time in my life, are about princesses and magic.  I am always making up stories for my kids, so maybe these are the ones worth writing down.

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