Have you ever invested your heart and soul into a project only to find out that nobody wanted it?

Me too.

Did you ever do it again with the same result?

Yeah, I’ve done that too.

In some cases, you didn’t spend the time to get the word out.  You didn’t do proper “marketing.”  In other cases, you made something to satisfy your curiosity, to scratch your itch.  In either case, however, there is a certain amount of disappointment that comes from a lack of success (e.g. sales?) in the market.

No doubt we all have many excellent projects stewing in the back of our minds.

Some will never extend beyond the tinkering category.  No one will ever want them (they probably won’t even know about them) and an occasional passerby will think it’s interesting.

Other ideas are potentially game changing, but they too will remain as mere tinkerings unless we get out there and do something different.  We cannot only scratch our intellectual or creative itches, we must connect with others.  We must find a way to help our projects connect to the public and solve their problems.  Not ours.

Furthermore, when our ideas connect to the rest of the world, we will gain a greater satisfaction from the work we do.