What does your day look like?  What does it really look like?  Do you make many choices?  Do you make any choices?

Growing up, I had friends that always ate the exact same thing for breakfast.  Really!?  Yuck!  After two weeks of eating virtually anything I don’t want it again for a YEAR (or more)!  Of course, wanting something different for breakfast meant that I actually had to come up with something else to eat (more effort).

When we are on cruise control, we don’t have to think too much.  We can just sort of go through life…anesthetized by modern conveniences and numbed by creatures comforts.  We work to keep the bumps out of our paths.  We put shock absorbers in our lives.

A friend of mine talks about “rumble strips” – those noise making strips on the sides of the roads that warn you before you hit the guardrails.  Putting rumble strips into our lives is crucial and one of our best strategies for staying out of trouble.  However, we need to take care that we don’t unnecessarily narrow down our freedoms to the point that we are practically riding on a rail – with no ability to turn.

Most of us find a level of security…and then we chase that.  And, culture will warmly welcome you in…playing by the rules…fitting your round peg into your round hole.  And time passes by.

Those of us fortunate to “wake up” realized that life is actually passing.  That we have, in many cases, become ineffective.  We have become comfortable, normalized, or worse, complacent.

There was a fantastic video called Lemmings game when I was a kid.  In it, these little creatures called lemmings would walk until they hit a wall, fell off of a cliff, or exploded.  They weren’t smart.  They just did what they were told.  They conformed.

And you know…not a single Lemming made a difference.