Driftwood and other Flotsam

Driftwood is interesting.  It  washes up on shore and just bakes under the sun.  You can throw it back into the ocean, allow it to toss around in the surf, and watch it wash right back up on the beach. Then, you throw it in again.  And the process repeats…until it doesn’t.  That is, eventually, the driftwood will […]

The ‘I have to’ Lie

You’ve been there.  So have I.  You find yourself in the familiar situation of not “being able” to do something because you “have to” do something else. It’s the perfect reason…or escape…or excuse.  Not only do you avoid hurting anyone’s feelings by eliminating any illusion that you have a choice in the matter, you are […]

Learning Confidence from my Daughter

Saturday morning I found myself home with two kids feeling under the weather.  My wife and eldest daughter were out for the morning and, while ‘the littles’ slept, I was catching up on some work. Shortly after starting on a small project, my smart, creative, middle child (and second daughter) came and snuggled into bed […]

Sure it’s awesome…but will anyone want it?

As an engineer, I am prone to bouts of the “Field of Dreams” syndrome. You know the one.  “Build it and they will come.”  (If you don’t get the reference, click here.) Have you ever found yourself there?  Have you ever just known that you were working on the most amazing project (or product) only […]

Busyness is a form of Hiding

A couple of weeks ago, a friend was talking about where he works.  Long story short, there is a massive collection of people generating lots of reports.  Day in and day out. Some of these reports are beautiful. They are not mere simple efforts to get the job done to the least possibly acceptable level.  […]

Attending Meetings Better

Meetings.  Love them or hate them, they are a regular part of most of our careers, and as we have all experienced, some meetings are much better than others. We have all been in that meeting that goes on and on, meandering through all sorts of ideas without coming to any resolution, often creating more […]

SMART Goal Checkup

In Setting Goals (is hard), I set a personal goal to get one more customer for my business.  And, per our guidelines, this was a SMART goal. It was specific.  The customer had to be a new account worth $10,000 or more. It was measurable.  It’s pretty easy to tell if we’ve added that one […]

Privilege and Responsibility

A lot has been written about entitlement in the last handful of years.  Politically, we talk about all of the things we deserve and that the government should just provide.  Professionally, we talk about how our companies owe us a raise or more benefits or how we should be making six figures straight out of […]

Living with Integrity

Integrity is ultimately derived from the Latin word integer meaning “whole.”  In math class, we learn that an integer is a whole number, a number without any fractions or decimals.  When we choose to live with integrity, we are whole – we are not fragmented and there are not other pieces laying around.  All of […]

Appreciate the Small Wins

We are all wowed by the big efforts.  When someone shows up and just dazzles us day in and day out.  It seems effortless for them to totally crush it every single day.  They show up on fire, make a dozen sales, write a thousand lines of code, still have time to meet their family […]

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